ILRS Statement on the Tragedy in the United States

The International League of Religious Socialists expresses its grave concern over the looming crisis of war in Iraq. We agree that insofar as the UNMOVIC inspectors find weapons of mass destruction, Iraq must disarm and relinquish these weapons, but the manner in which this is to be done is as important as the end result. The process and method of disarmament must be considered in light of the massive opposition throughout the world to a potential war, and in regard to the social tensions (e.g., Anti-Western, Anti-Muslim feeling) that this conflict has thus far exacerbated in our societies. It is essential that the disarmament of Iraq be carried out in a way that will be seen as fair in the eyes of the international community, with respect for international laws and conventions.

Ultimately, we affirm that in the 21st century, war is no longer an acceptable means to solve disputes. And while at this moment, the possibility exists that the international community may well approve a military action against Iraq, we yearn for the day when human lives will never again be risked over political disagreements. Further, as religious socialists, we must openly fight against the idea that religion can ever be used to justify acts of violence, including war.

However, in the event that the international community decides to support the disarmament of Iraq by force, we insist that the following conditions be met before any such action is begun:

- Any decision to take military action against Iraq must be taken by the UN Security Council, and not by any one nation or group of nations acting unilaterally.

- The UNMOVIC (United Nations Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission) inspectors must have the appropriate amount of time needed to do their jobs.

- The UN Security Council must be able to justify any decision to act militarily against Iraq by means of its own constitution, the primary goal of which is to secure and promote peace, and to avoid war.

    Adopted on 5 March 2003

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