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Winter 2005-06

ILRS Announces 2006 Congress in Oslo
A New Kind of Liberation Theology: Liberating Religions From Their Institutions - Cedric Mayson
In Memoriam: Irène Häberle

Autumn 2005

Hiroshima 60 Years On: The Peace Declaration
A Legacy to Sustain: A Tribute to John Smith
After Katrina, Some Hard Questions - Johann Christoph Arnold

Summer 2005

Marriage, Religion and Equality: Gay Marriage and Human Rights
On Pastoral Prudence and Homosexual Marriage - Carlos García de Andoin
Civil Unions for All - Andrew Hammer
Homosexuality and Same-Sex Acts in Islam - Al-Fatiha

Spring 2005

Spanish Religious Socialists Gain National Recognition
ILRS in Israel and Palestine
Canadian Socialist Leader Speaks In Favour of Gay Marriage
Imane-Konferenz in Österreich holt Hoffnung für Religiös-Sozialisten/innen (nur auf Deutsch/German only)

Winter 2004

Focus on South Africa
Teaching Religion or Teaching Religions? - Rev. Cedric Mayson
The Politics of Convergence - Iqbal Jhazbay & Ebrahim Schuitema
Beyers Naude: A true South African who refused to stand on the sidelines - Valli Moosa

Creative acts of social solidarity: Social movements and the democratic state - Kgalema Motlanthe

Autumn 2004

Broderskap Celebrates 75 Years
Pär-Axel Sahlberg Meets with Religious Leftists in Brazil
British Muslims and Jews Unite to Build Understanding
Ukrainian Activists Form Religious Left Group

Summer 2004

Argentina: The Painful March Towards Reconciliation
US Religious Socialists Come Out For Kerry
God Who Sweats In The Street

Spring 2004

In Memory of Harry Watson
Stop the Genocide in Darfur
Operation Ijtihad: Irshad Manji Raises the Call for Freedom in Islam
Jewish Voices from South Africa

Winter 2003

Meet Our New President: Pär-Axel Sahlberg MP
Fe y Política: Religious Socialists in Spain
The Geneva Accord: Moving to the End of the Road
‘God’s Will’: Fundamentalism vs. Women’s Rights in the USA

Autumn 2003

Hand to Hand: Campaign Against Religious and Political Extremism
Who Is Our God? - Cedric Mayson
Collection of Motivating Interventions
Austrian Resolution on Peace

Summer 2003

ILRS Congress To Take Place in Lucerne, 15-17 August 2003
Sharia Law and the Case of Amina Lawal
Remembering Dorothee Sölle
Fundamentalism in the Roman Catholic Church

Spring 2003

ILRS Resolution on the Iraq Crisis
War in the Name of God? - Willy Spieler
The Spirituality of Economics Kathy Galloway
Report from the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre

Winter 2002

Forgotten People of Europe Harry Watson
An Appeal For Peace: Statement from Cristiani Sociali del Lazio
Seyyed Hashem Aghajari and ‘Islamic Protestantism’
ILRS To Take Part in World Social Forum in Porto Alegre

Autumn 2002

Britain’s New Archbishop A Voice for Social Justice – David Haslam
Two People and One Piece of Land: Evert Svensson Speaks on the Middle East
Healing the World: A Jewish Socialist Vision Andrew Hammer
The Sikh Concept of Social Justice Dr. Rajwant Singh

Summer 2002

ILRS Executive Committee Meets in Vilnius
Perspectives for Peace:
Opinions on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
A Vision for South Africa Cedric Mayson

Spring 2002

ILRS Condemns Religious Intolerance in Georgia
A Buddhist Perspective on Social Justice: Thich Nhat Hanh’s Message for a New Century
Retrospective: Highlights from Past ILRS Congresses
Helsinki 1997: The Price of Freedom and the Cost of Poverty
No 'Shabbat Shalom': Fighting Against Neo-Nazis in Berlin Ulrich Peter (from BRSD)

Winter 2001

Religious Socialists in the Dominican Republic
The Stockholm Process: A Plan for ‘Smart Sanctions’
Retrospective: Highlights from Past ILRS Congresses
Managua 1986: No Peace Without Justice and Democracy
Report from the ACUS Congress Alois Reisenbichler

Autumn 2001

Dealing with Terror
Perspectives on 11 September and Beyond:

Summer 2001

An Introduction to Sri Lanka's Satyodaya Movement
Socialist International Celebrates 50 Years
Retrospective: Highlights from Past ILRS Congresses
Stockholm 1989: Marginalisation: Injustice at Work
Report from Broderskap Congress Harry Watson
Latin American Socialists Propose Deepening Democracy

Spring 2001

The Churches and Social Development:
Evert Svensson Speaks in Rome
ILRS Executive Meets in Switzerland
Religious Socialists Organise in France
Andrew Hammer Speaks to Canadian Students
The History of Religious Socialism in the Netherlands

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