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Spring 2002

ILRS Condemns Religious Intolerance in Georgia
A Buddhist Perspective on Social Justice: Thich Nhat Hanh’s Message for a New Century
Retrospective: Highlights from Past ILRS Congresses
Helsinki 1997: The Price of Freedom and the Cost of Poverty
No 'Shabbat Shalom' Ulrich Peter

Winter 2001

Religious Socialists in the Dominican Republic
The Stockholm Process: A Plan for ‘Smart Sanctions’
Retrospective: Highlights from Past ILRS Congresses
Managua 1986: No Peace Without Justice and Democracy
Report from the ACUS Congress Alois Reisenbichler

Autumn 2001

Dealing with Terror
Perspectives on 11 September and Beyond:

Summer 2001

An Introduction to Sri Lanka's Satyodaya Movement
Socialist International Celebrates 50 Years
Retrospective: Highlights from Past ILRS Congresses
Stockholm 1989: Marginalisation: Injustice at Work
Report from Broderskap Congress Harry Watson
Latin American Socialists Propose Deepening Democracy

Spring 2001

The Churches and Social Development:
Evert Svensson Speaks in Rome

ILRS Executive Meets in Switzerland
Religious Socialists Organise in France
Andrew Hammer Speaks to Canadian Students
The History of Religious Socialism in the Netherlands

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